Wishful milenio 齊豫

Come milenio,let there be doors to beauty
Come milenio,let there be cure for spite
No more disguise,simplicity thrives
Be waiting so we can fly
Right under the stars,a voice from afar
A key I have placed into your heart

Come milenio,the answer lies in the question
Come milenio,beyond the despair there's hope
The desert may bloom,bewilder the fool
so much is left unrevealed
You haven't a clue,a womb or a tomb
Look into a flower you'll see fruit

Come milenio,many fire make peace with water
Come milenio,a fist ends with open hand
Remember the flames,forget not the pains
Lest we make the same mistake
Surrender the grudge,embrace the unloved
The curses no longer beheld

Come milenio,may tears shed not out of sorrow
Come milenio,may we cherish what we've borrowed

某些部分和Dido的life for rent

Cherish what we've borrowed


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