The Crush/尋找Mr.Right
Get Real/愛的初體驗
Before the Sunset/愛在日落巴黎時
I hate myself for being blue, for being uncapable to do anything.
Most of time, movies gave me rests. At least...I didn't have to make any decision during the few minuites...
I looked for sweet and happy movies to make me feel better and make me belive that happy ending is possible. However, I chose the wrong movies. These three made me even more sad and desperate. Although there are some romatic scenes, but it remind me that the lost cannot be found, the broken cannot be fixed, the reality cannot be changed, and the past will never turn back.

They said any desire is good--desire to live, desire to love, or something. Nevertheless, if you don't get exactly what you want, don't be angry, don't feel empty...
They said that when we were young, we thought about the future, but when we are old, we think about the moment...


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