Already in by Jon McLaughlin
You to me - gentle face, overdue, worth the wait
Out of my reach but Im reaching out for you
Me to the night - say goodbye, time is up, fight the time
A needed award I can't afford, a finished more chord
Its already in my mind
Im in over my head inside
Its already in my mind, inside
Everyone back my hearts at war
With all the plans I had before
Im losing my grip but Id lose it all for you
I go driving all around and Im denying all the sounds that hit my ear
Drum the beat of a heart I can't defeat
Let me in
我是在一個意外之下發現Jon McLaughlin
就在我查詢Kelly Clarkson唱的Beautiful disaster時
發現另外一個人有一歌名相同的曲子(還真的是Beautiful disaster呢!)
不過比起Beautiful disaster~我更喜歡already in~


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